Are You Utilizing Time Management?

Time management.  I never really thought about this before.  Stepping out into the new zone of working my passion is - well - work!  My body is used to getting up daily for the past 28 years working a set 9-5 job (ok, more like 9-6+ - they are lawyers after all!).  Believing this was the way I was supposed to live my life was a learned thought process. Since when was your job supposed to be fun, enjoyable, satisfying?  I thought it was selfish to feel I had the right to live my passion.  What an absurd thought!  Finally, I am living and working on my terms, pursuing my passion and I realize I have set such stringent standards on myself, trying to structure my moments.  My mind starts working overtime at 4 a.m. and I can't sleep.  Thoughts of "I need to write a blog," "work on website," "make phone calls," "practice Nia," "work with social media," "network," and the list goes on and on.  Constantly questioning myself with endless mind chatter!  So exhausting.  And then, I did it again, I got sick.  Funny, I read my monthly April horoscope and it advised in black and white that I needed to listen to my body, slow down or I could create illness.  Here I am, writing blogs to help others know how to listen to their bodies and look at what I was doing! The Universe took its mighty hand and slapped me hard sending that message hurdling into my soul to put the brakes on.  Do you ever feel scattered, like you are doing a million things at once and getting nothing done?  Yup, that's me sometimes.  So, I started to research time management and found such websites as and, I love this one,  One key point of advice is to manage your emails and phone calls - don't let them manage you.  Set aside times to answer emails and make the calls.  Great advice as I can let them consume me at all times during the day and sidetrack my business at hand.  This was key to me!  Re-evaluate the expectations of others on your time as well.  Just because it may be a good time for them, doesn't mean it is good for you.  Going from a set schedule as an employee of a company to being an entrepreneur should be exciting so know when to "punch out" for the night and relax.  Being efficient is about finding your personal balance and listening to your own inner time clock and body.  Time management is for everyone - whether you are an employee, own your own business, a mother with endless demands, a student - it doesn't matter.  Where can you improve your life using some simple tools and techniques?  “The essence of self-discipline is to do the important thing rather than the urgent thing.”  Barry Werner