Living from the "I AM"

 My stepdaughter told me the other day that I should blog about this. We had just been talking about how powerful the words “I AM” are in manifesting what you desire. “I AM abundant,” “I AM healthy,” “I AM joyful.” It’s about stating your truth to the Universe. And, it is about the statement and knowing it is true.  If you say “I AM abundant” but think “I AM in debt,” then that is the energy you are putting out.  All the positive talk will not get you what you desire because the thoughts do not match up to your statements. Make sense? Here is a great example of manifesting at its best. Did anyone catch that I used the term “stepdaughter?” If you have been following my story then you would know that, up until this point, this person did not exist in my life. So, when I returned from Sedona, I decided to put this theory to the test. My new peaceful persona radiated around me. I didn’t necessarily need anyone in my life but knew that one day; my “soul mate” would be there so why not throw out my intentions for the qualities I wished that soul mate to possess. Every day, as part of my spiritual work, I would declare what I was grateful for and then state in my best “I AM” voice that I was thankful for my soul mate and he possessed “a,” “b,” and “c” qualities (ok, you got me, the list was more like “a through z” must have qualities).  I knew when the time was right; my soul mate would introduce himself to me. That was it - just a clear statement I declared daily using the “I AM.” Finding my Zen in Sedona allowed me to flow more easily and realize I couldn’t control life, I had to allow it. Even Jesus used “I AM” several times throughout the Bible and was a divine manifestor!   I decided to drive to Virginia the first weekend of December to visit my kids.  At that point I had no intention of moving back, and, as a matter of fact, I was planning a date with “Randy” on my way down in the car – why not.  I was excited to hang out with the boys while there, we always have fun together.  Once in Virginia, the signs were everywhere inviting me to think about moving back.  From the boys suggesting it, to my heart feeling as if I could finally come back, I felt like the Universe was really working to set me up there.  I wasn’t convinced (though when I heard a Whole Foods would be coming to Virginia Beach I put a check mark in the “maybe” box).    So, I started to listen to that little voice in my head saying “think about it…living by the beach and with my boys is really not a bad idea.”  After great Mexican food and a margarita or two, I headed back to the hotel and decided to get on the computer to see what the rents looked like close to the beach.  For once, it was my decision – I would manifest it.  While at the computer, I decided to get on to look around.  I had a membership that I had ended because I figured it was better to meet this soul mate the good old fashioned way (and no, that wouldn’t be a bar!), but again, that voice said, “hey, it doesn’t hurt to look.”  After all, the Universe does provide signs in many ways…it is a Universe of modern means and the new way of dating was through the Internet.  So, I got on Match and chose a profile search of Virginia Beach guys, not being particularly confident that this was the answer, but more a temporary entertainment method for a few minutes.  Actually, I started to scan the profiles and didn’t open any. I just wasn’t “feeling it.”  Suddenly, a profile stuck out at me…begged me to open it, so I gave in.  I liked what I read, he seemed honest, a man with integrity and someone who clearly knew what he wanted which included “no long distance relationships.”  It was written in black and white.  Really?  I felt perhaps I should reach out but instead of the “wink” I might send, I realized I would actually have to email this guy.  That was a little against my grain as I was a modern, independent woman with a bit of an old fashioned twist…the guy should reach out first I thought.  But, I gave in and quickly composed my email and sent - never expecting to hear a thing.  I only had a month or two left on Match anyway as I had cancelled the membership.  Just as I was about to call it a night, I got a frantic text from the boys that one “accidentally” tripped the other and the loser had the lucky opportunity to fall straight down and hit his head on the tile floor.  Nice.  I had visions of those stories about concussions that didn’t end too well so off to the ER we would go.   Just how I wanted to spend my Friday!  Right before logging off, I got the familiar sound of “you got mail.”  That was quick I thought!  Our emails went back and forth for the next day (oh, and yes, my son was fine) until Mr. Virginia Beach sent me an email that basically said it was nice “meeting” me, and if I am ever in town, to reach out to him as perhaps we could grab a cup of coffee.  It struck me that I never told him I was in Virginia and realized he was adhering to his “no long distance relationships” stance!  I just had to know one way or the other, so I confided I was in town and, if he would like to grab that cup of coffee before I left on Sunday, I would be able to give him an hour.  Not knowing how the firefighter schedule works, I didn’t realize how “lucky” I was that Mr. Virginia Beach (a/k/a Rob) was on a three day break and had Sunday off.  Grabbing my suitcase Sunday morning on my way out the hotel, I kissed my boys goodbye and then cautiously and curiously headed to Starbucks for this one hour meeting.  I had to get on the road after all as I had dinner plans in Northern Virginia that night, work on Monday, a date with Randy on Tuesday…I WAS busy!  I must say, I was relieved to find Rob looked like his pictures (even better) and he was incredibly easy to talk to.  One hour turned into three hours before I realized I really did need to get on the road.  We exchanged numbers and I promised to call him on my drive home that night.  True to my word, I called him and we talked from DC to my driveway in NJ.  For the next two weeks we talked nightly.  As I presented a new subject or viewpoint to discuss, I was checking off my list that so far he fit all my criteria.  Poor Randy didn’t even have a shot as subconsciously I think my mind was made up.  Can I say it is 15 months later and I AM living in Virginia with my soul mate happily married and supported?  My list of qualities were long, but the Universe heard our desires and answered our call.  The “I AM” is powerful.  This is but one example, albeit a BIG example. It is manifesting at its best.  Can I say that my family has grown from two sons to a daughter and we are indeed a family. “I AM” blessed.   Only from the heart can you touch the sky.- Rumi