Embrace Solutions - Walk Your Talk

The day I walked out of my corporate job in a law firm, I decided it was time to live my passion by embracing solutions.  What do I mean by embracing solutions?  I mean walking your talk, not just talking it.  Here's the question, what do you want to do with your life?  What sparks the mojo to vibrate through your body and your hair to tingle on end?  What ignites your fire?  These are the questions that make you go "hmmm."  I realized personally that I wasn't embracing any solutions in my life as I was sitting behind a desk working for attorneys.  I was doing it their way, not my way and I did that for 28 years!  The first weekend after I was no longer doing it their way, I cautiously put a few business suits in a Goodwill bag (at the urging of my oh so supportive husband) as an act of rebellion and independence.  I thought, "yeah, I don't need this stuff anymore" though the more cautious me felt the little tug on the shoulder of "what if."  I admit, it takes some getting used to, living at my pace and working my passion.  Almost like I am on vacation and the reality of going back to the 9-5 grind (5:30 in my case) was around the corner.  However, I can truly say, "I AM busy," "I AM networking and making connections," "I AM relieved!"  What kind of nonsense was I feeding myself for all those years?  That I was stuck?  I needed to work a steady job for someone else miserably grinding through my day and justifying it that "one day" I would be able to do what I want?  How old would I have to be before I said enough is enough?  The truth is, anyone can work their passion, live their words and walk their talk.  Why not?  Who is truly stopping you?  Look in the mirror and you will find your answer!  Of course, not everyone is prepared to quit their job today but what is one thing you can do to start working towards the passion and goal you have?  Just one step, that is all it takes right?  My husband always says "how do you eat an elephant -- one bite at a time."  I cannot tell you how that simple phrase helps me to slow down and take it one step at a time.  And the biggest realization is that I have the opportunity to obtain more abundance in my life now than I ever did before. I challenge you - what's your passion?  "Let the beauty of what we love be what we do."  Rumi