Is There Anybody in There?

I want to jump ahead and reveal the fait accompli – the “how did I get where I am” part of the story, but my logical mind tells me not to allow gaps in this saga.  I promise - it makes the whole story so delicious to regurgitate it as a timeline!  So, as I talked about in my last blog, I literally crawled out of the Epstein Barr virus.  Once I made the decision not to cave into the disease, I would not allow my state of mind or body to take control away from me. The physical part of this recovery entailed my Korean yoga practice I mentioned before.  My Master helped me work with my body’s innate healing ability using body tapping and energy work.  Body tapping, you ask?  Yes, it is as it sounds…imagine primal music playing as I energetically start tapping every meridian and acupressure point in my body.  (To understand this better, check out .) This allows the energy to flow, the immune system to respond positively and revitalization to be restored.  This practice took on a life of its own as I would play techno music when I got home and started tapping and dancing around as Cessie (my newly rescued kitty) tried to bat my feet thinking it was play time. I am sure anyone looking through the window at night contemplated calling the authorities to have me committed! But, you know what? It worked! Within 3 weeks of tapping, and energy work, I was completely healed. No more shaky hands or feet, no more fatigue.  I couldn’t believe it! It was like I got my life back – again! However, the other big “aha” moment came when I realized I was ok with being on my own. What’s the big deal, I mean, I’m a big girl, right? Well, I used to hate coming home to my empty apartment, therefore, I was always on the go:  meeting friends, going to Yoga, dinner, concerts, whatever it took to not have to hang out on my own (big coping mechanism).  Now all of a sudden I loved my space. Dinner you say? Nah, I have a good book to read, some candles to light and my Cessie to keep me company.  I looked forward to just doing my thing.  The life lesson in this is that it took the Epstein Barr virus to finally make me realize that I didn’t need anyone to complete me.  Sometimes the disease is more than a disease but our voice imploring us to make changes.  So listen….. You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” ― Rumi