The Law of the Universe

holistic treatment for depression and anxiety So, my journey has taken me on a three year path of healing.  An illumination of sorts to break out of the old self, old shell into this new person.  Many days I am not sure I like this illunination as sticking with what you know, old habits and lifestyle is just easier, right?  Why change?  The ultimate life question is"who am I really and what is my purpose."  This is not a question that can be answered overnight.  It can take a lifetime to understand this and feel enlightened.  I have found that nothing is coincidence and every path you take leads you to another path.  The journey has been interesting and sometimes painful but I would not change this path for anything because I know and understand it means I am growing. 

I know we create everything in our lives and the mind is so powerful, we can change any circumstance.  I have learned that when I think positively, I heal and abundance comes in to my life in different forms.  The more one gives, the more one receives.  Have you tried it, have you given of yourself, time, love, money to help others selflessly?  When you can completely give without looking for something in return, you have become most abundant.  Just sit back and watch the rewards come back to you.  My heart is never so happy as when I know I have given of myself and I reep the rewards in love.  No matter how hard times can be, financially or otherwise, I always have what I need, always.  Meditation, visioning, affirmative prayers are all important for creating a peaceful, grounded life full of the ideals and things that give you joy, that make your life better and positive.  Remind yourself every day how grateful and lucky you are for the life you have and what you have.  How self-defeating we can be when we feel sorry for ourselves or let our minds/emotions take over and control our thoughts.  Never listen to your thoughts, most times, they are wrong!  Listen to your heart, your intuition.  "To have little is to possess, to have plenty is to be perplexed."