A Whole New World

holistic treatment for depression and anxiety
A whole new world was introduced to me once I sprung out of the "great depression." I felt alive, renewed and thankful!  I saw life as I never had before.  Everything had meaning to me.  I totally got what it felt like to have a second chance.  When people actually die and say they were on the other side and then come back, that is what it was like for me.   I had a second chance at life and I was thrilled!  I became keenly aware of a higher presence - I called this presence God, you may call it the Universe, Spirit, Life Force, a Higher Power, Energy, it is all One.  You see, depression really is an analogy for change.  You cannot go back to your old way of living once you go through depression.  It is the body's way of calling out to you, "hey, what are you doing???  Wake up!"  I tried really hard to go back to "how it was before the depression" and I gave it a good shot for a long time, but reality is, you have to change, it will just happen and you have no way around it. 

Nothing in this life is coincidence and the path we are lead on when we open our hearts and minds will lead us to wonderful places.  Of course, there is also loss and regret when a new life springs forward and an old life is thrust into the past.  It is a natural metamorphosis - shedding the old skin and trying on the new skin.  It feels a little strange at first but then it begins to sink into the body comfortably as you start to accept how it feels.  When this acceptance hits you, the realization is that life always gives you what is in your highest and best if you are open to the good and expand you self-realization.  Never be afraid to dream or visualize, we have the power to create any kind of life we want.  Unfortunately, we let the ego part of the mind get in the way and it stops us from realizing our truest potential as fear of the unknown sets in.  Taking two steps forward is much harder for some then just living the same old existence. 

So, I challenge you to stop and listen to your heart.  Where does your heart lead you?  Don't listen to your thoughts or your pre-conceived notions that were pounded into your brain since childhood.  Sit silently and really listen.  What is it saying?  Your heart is never wrong!  "Follow your heart, but be quiet for awhile first.  Ask questions, then feel the answer.  Learn to trust your heart."